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testimonies from our lovely families

We love our Wonderfully Made Mothers & babies so much! We are honored and blessed to be part of your birthing story and experience! Many of our sweet clients have left us little love notes for you to read! If you want to leave us a love note, please send it through our contact form. Thank you!

Katie was exactly what I needed to have my ultimate first birth!! Her personality fit ours perfectly. She was calm and peaceful yet professional. I would recommend her to anyone and definitely would have her be my midwife again.

- Ashley

Such a great experience thanks to this special lady! You rock, Katie!

–  Whitney

Delivering our second daughter at home with Katie as our midwife was the best experience. She is very professional, easy-going, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.

- Angela

I praise God for bringing Katie into my life.

I know for a fact that Katie cares deeply about the women and babies she serves. She will fight for you if she needs to. She has the perfect combination of gentleness, security, and tenacity. Without her I probably would have wound up with another C-section. During my labor she was a quiet presence that radiated peace and strength. After my baby girl was born into my arms I held her close and healed from my previous traumatic birth. It could not have been a more perfect moment. I will forever credit it to Katie by God’s design.

- Alexandria

Wonderfully Made Midwifery Care Testimonies love notes

We used Katie for our 5th and 6th pregnancies. We were no stranger to home birth. Had our previous 3 at home. Katie really built my confidence in trusting my body to do what it was made to do like no other midwife had done before. No rushing baby to come out by a certain time. She was so relaxed and trusting in the birth process that it helped me stay relaxed even when those unavoidable jitters kick in. She was always there for me, to listen, or offer advice or nutritional …help. When Katie is at your birth she brings a sweet, gentle, peaceful presence to the occasion. You can’t put a price on that! Her knowledge, mixed with her sweet, non-judgmental, gentle, quiet, yet confident nature makes her the diamond she is. She is truly a diamond in the rough! I pray God blesses our family with many more beautiful babies and I also truly pray that Katie will be our midwife through it all. I don’t know what I’d do with out her. I trust her so much! Who you choose as a home birth midwife can make or break your home birth experience. Choose wisely!

- Michelle

I started with Katie later in my pregnancy since I had just moved to this area, she was more than happy to work with me and I felt very comfortable and cared for at all of our appointments. She was always very thorough and never rushed. When it came time to deliver my baby she came promptly when I called her and really respected me and my space all while doing exactly what she had to to ensure a healthy, happy baby. It really felt just like having a friend there with you the whole way. Thank you so much Katie, I can’t wait to be pregnant again just to see you on a regular basis again!

- Ella

I absolutely recommend Katie with Wonderfully Made. She delivered my 2nd daughter and helped provide the most wonderful birthing experience I could have ever hoped for. I am eternally grateful to her!

- Jennifer

Our experience with Katie was truly amazing! Being a second time parent but first time using a midwife with a home birth, my husband and I were a little nervous. Katie reassured us every step of the way. Her abundance of knowledge and comforting touches were above and beyond anything we’d ever expected. She made sure we were 100% prepared for the entire process. Katie was extremely reliable and was always just a phone call away. She made what we thought could be a scary experience into one of the most memorable times of our lives.

Post birth was just as special with Katie. She was always checking in on us and even surprised us with little goodies making this experience nothing short of perfect! Katie quickly became a life long friend. My husband and I highly recommend Katie and definitely plan on using her again for any future pregnancies.

- Casandra

testimonies from our lovely families

Katie  is generous kind and patient from the start through till the end. She goes beyond her job description for sure. I can’t tell you how wonderful and vital her care and support for me has been. I am 6 weeks postpardom writing this, so I can confidently say she is fantastic every step of the way.

I love that she never rushes you, or minds you asking questions. I am a first time mom, so I have had a lot of them-more than I thought I ever would. She has been there to answer them and to reassure me, well beyond birth. Its been such a giant relief to have someone professional to go to with things versus making a million doctor appointments just to have a question answered that’s causing great concern now. No waiting and stressing, she’s  made herself available to me-being just a call or text away. I’m so grateful.

I also appreciate that Katie doesn’t make herself out to be a guru of all things, she has lots of resources and connections for anything in which she is not an expert. I’ve had issues arise here and there and she’s not left me hanging, she’s been sure to refer me to the appropriate help and doesn’t get offended if they aren’t working out the way you needed  them to be.

She was literally perfect throughout all of labor, and I had what I consider a rough labor at 30+ hours of back labor and hours of pushing. Hands off when she needed to be and hands-on when I needed her to be – Katie was the perfect balance. Both my hubby and I were very impressed.

Throughout everything she’s been consistent in giving me her balanced perspective and offering the freedom I need to make a decision. Also, one of the reasons we chose Katie is that she is unique as a midwife because of her experience and education. Remembering Katie was an RN in the NICU and has ample midwife certifications, often put us at ease knowing she has varied experience and a balance of perspective.

Katie is well worth her weight in gold and much more (she should really charge way more for her services)! Just make sure you contact her early enough, she only takes on so many at a time! Also, when first meeting her, don’t make the same mistake I almost made by taking her quietness for lack of confidence/competence.

You won’t regret having Katie on your side; I consider Katie an essential part of my experience. I can adamantly and repeatedly say I would NOT want to know what it would’ve been like without her.

– Kristen

After searching for a midwife for my most recent pregnancy, it was very clear that Katie was the perfect choice for our family! Katie is well-trained, experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and personable. Katie becomes a part of your story all while managing your care flawlessly. As a local doula and childbirth educator, and due to personal experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Katie Miller of Wonderfully Made Midwifery.

- Mandy

“Absolutely wonderful and caring midwife.”

– Hallie

As a doula I have worked with Katie Miller and seen her provide excellent care to women. She was always respectful, kind but still quick to act when necessary. I highly recommend her as a midwife and would probably use her myself if I ever got pregnant again!

- Christie

My family & I love Katie. She is a wonderful midwife. She treated us as if we were her own family, she’s very loving & kind. I would recommend her to anybody.

- Anaila

Being a first time mom, I was going above and beyond to make sure my pregnancy and delivery went well. Katie was a perfect piece to the puzzle. From the first time we met her we knew she would be the one for us. We had quite a few obstacles and she was always willing to work with us. She genuinely cared about our experience. I’m pretty sure most medical professionals wouldn’t go out of their way like she did for us. She’s so professional, honest,  caring and supportive.  Our family is so grateful for her. There’s no question who will be taking care of any future pregnancies in our family.

- Ayisha

Katie has been amazing. She is so sweet and has a peace about her that is so evident. Every month I look forward to my prenatal appointments. It is amazing and so relaxing. Katie comes to my home for every appointment which makes it so nice. I am beyond excited to have a home birth and can’t wait to experience the natural process of birth. I am excited to see Katie in action, from what I hear she does a fab job. Thank you for all you do!

– Ashley

My husband and I welcomed our third son earth side on October 28, 2015. It was such an amazing experience to be able to deliver at home. I was beyond blessed to have Katie there as my midwife. She was a great support, did what she needed to do, kept a professional aspect as well as a friendly aspect, and let me do what I felt my body needed to do. It was simply a great time. I loved having my baby at home and I will definitely do it again and definitely will be having Katie as my midwife again! Thank you so much!

– Alexis